Consistent Button Appearance and Placement in Character Builder, please

Almost every time I create a character on Demiplane, at some point I get stuck in a loop, trying to save an option that just won’t save. It always turns out that the problem is I keep expecting Demiplane to autosave my work in progress, and/or expecting that I can proceed through the steps by always clicking in familiar places.

For example, while creating my Daggerheart character, it took me a long time to figure out that in order to save my choice of character class, I needed to click that one oddball button on the upper right which I originally mistook for mere decoration.

Hello, and thanks for posting and the feedback.

I was actively working on a related update that was just pushed out on Daggerheart, so I thought I would jump in and share it here.

As a note, the “Select Class” approach is used in all our builders anywhere there is a “bigger” choice like class, clan, career, etc., since the idea is you need to be able to explore the information about the class before “locking in” your choice.

I believe much of the friction in the case of Daggerheart is what you mentioned about “decoration” with the button, and we’ve heard a few similar reports that prompted a tweak to that section. This is what is there for class selection now:

I think that will be a good bit clearer for that step, but let us know if you have any additional thoughts.

Thanks again!