Content sharing and character builder expected dates

Just saw the new about the pathfinder nexus and I am hyped to see what seems to be the equivalent of dndbeyond comming to pathfinder 2nd edition.

There are two questions that I couldn’t find the answer to that would help me figure out if I will buy the content on this platform.

  1. Will there be content sharing similar to how it works in dndbeyond? This is probably the main feature that would allow us to move our characters on this platform over pathbuilder or wanderer’s guide. While I am happy to buy the books on this platform instead of buying the PDF directly from Paizo, not every player will be willing or able to buy 4-5 books to play in a campaign.

  2. When can we expect an early access to the character builder? I found somewhere that the character builder is “phase 3” and that we can expect an official release(out of early access) in “early 2022”. Is the official release only “phase 1” coming out of early access or does it also include the character builder.

For the latter, I’m assuming it doesn’t include the character builder but it would be great to get a general idea of the timeline we can expect. Tools like this are hard to make especially in a more professional context than pathbuilder where mistakes, poor ux, etc. are less acceptable (not that pathbuilder is bad, it has been a god send so far espicially for the price). Can we expect the character builder somewhere in 2022 or 2023?

Hello @Brushstroke - thanks for joining the discussion!


  1. Yes, content sharing is definitely going to be in place. More details to come later in Early Access.

  2. We are indeed targeting character management (Phase 3 of Early Access) to be in place for full launch - so early 2022. Things can go wrong with development and targets can sometimes change, but it is indeed planned for that timeline.

We’ll keep everyone posted - thanks!


Thanks for the quick answer