Content Sharing - Cannot accept invite when using twitch login

I had invited one of my players to share content. They had made an account on Demiplane by logging in via Twitch.

They were clicking the link they were sent for the content share, but it didn’t seem to be redeeming it. From my content sharing panel, it still reflected them as only having been invited.

They logged out and made a new account with a user/password on Demiplane instead, and were then able to accept their content sharing invite.

How did you share your content with them? If it was an email invitation, but that email wasn’t associated with their Twitch account, that would be the source of the issue.

You can share either with username or email, so I suspect that had you shared with their username, it would have just worked - no need to accept an invitation.

Ahh, that’s probably why. I didn’t even notice I could do it by username. Thanks!

Addendum: I don’t think they had actually signed up for Demiplane when I had sent the invite last week, so I had no username to invite!

It sounds like it’s all worked out now, which is what matters! :slight_smile: