Content Sharing - I turned it on for my players, but have no idea what they see

Can they see everything, including the adventure we are playing? Is there a way to trim down what I am sharing? I find it … scary haha… to just flip a switch and not be able to see whats shared. thx in advance. I tried to search for this, thinking it common, but i couldnt find a way to search forums… i fail.


As of right now, content sharing is everything that you have access to on Demiplane, including the adventures. They have said that they will be working on ways to trim that down in the future.

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thank you. this is kind of a big deal.

I gotta agree. It’s the main reason I do not switch my group to Demiplane.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the importance of more selective content sharing. It helps us prioritize the roadmap.

I’ll share that it is something we intend to do at some point, but we’ve seen other features (like character tools coverage for the games we support) have higher demand across the community, and we typically try to focus on the things that will provide the largest impact for the largest number of fans.

We’ve also seen feedback that content sharing as it currently works is not unlike the “honor system” that happens within groups where the GM has faith that their players won’t go peek at the adventure they’re running on the shelf at their local game store (or search Google for almost any kind of spoiler therein), so that is part of our priority consideration too.

Here’s hoping you can hold them to their honor until we get to that part of the roadmap! :wink:


You bring up an excellent point that players can cheat with physical books or pirated pdfs if they want to cheat. Id definitely rank adding characters to groups as much higher priority now that Ive had more time to think about it, and actually played a session. thanks!

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So it’s normal that folks can’t see my characters?

I’m new to both Demiplane and online TTRPGs in general, so I was trying to multibox a session to figure out the mechanics before my friends joined. No wonder my alts couldn’t see my characters.

Not the answer I was hoping for but the information I needed. Answered before I asked! Thanks!