Content Sharing in Groups?

Can you share content with groups? I only have 7 content shares, but I have multiple different groups. Can my players join one of my groups, and then use my shared content? Do I need to add them individually? I do not understand how content sharing works in the Pathfinder 2 Demiplane.

You can share your content with groups! It also sounds like maybe your count of content sharing slots is showing the wrong number. Could you please submit a support ticket for us to take a look at that?

To share with a group, you can go to the Content Sharing section in your account settings. You should see the option to share with a group that you’re in from that menu. :slight_smile:

All I see when I go to content sharing are groups that I am not a part of, nor groups that I have created. I can only share with individuals. None of the groups that I have created are shown in “Content Sharing.”

If you haven’t already submitted a support ticket for the number of share slots you have, mention that in the ticket as well and I’ll have our team take a look to see why that might be the case. :slight_smile:

How do I submit a ticket? That’s not listed anywhere obvious.

The link I shared:

I have created a ticket for this issue.

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