Content Sharing

Apologies if this is mentioned somewhere and I’m just missing it but is the content sharing for VTM only useable in the adventure tools or can players access wider content through the nexus using my books?

I tried it with some of my playing group and it seemed to be working in the Nexus, too. We tried it first in adventure tools but that seemed like a slightly less comfortable solution. After heading to the Pathfinder Nexus the two players I tried it with could access my book.

Only problem I really have with the feature so far is that I can’t select certain items to share. It seems to be an all or nothing approach atm. I would really like to withdraw for example the adventures from my player characters.

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Thanks for that, will give it a go with players during our next game. I agree it’d be helpful to have some flexability on what they can access, not sure I want my players getting their hands on the Sabbat book when it’s available on here.

We have plans to roll out an update that will let you choose what books you do and don’t share on an individual basis. We wanted to get content sharing up and running, and are going to implement more options for it when we can. :slight_smile: