Conversion plan?

Just wondering if there will be any conversion capabilities in the toolset once the remaster is released.

For exampleOne of my players is playing a witch, is there any plan to accommodate character migration? I know it won’t be possible for everything but things like “produce flame” → “ignition” or “night patron” → ”starless shadow”

I know it’s not too difficult to rebuild the character, just curious if any sort of shortcut was planned?

With the way we’re handling legacy to remastered content, we want to be sure anyone that wants to keep the legacy versions of the various elements will have nothing change.

So we won’t have anything automatic on existing characters, and we likely won’t focus bandwidth on anything automated since - as you say - it won’t take long to tweak what players need to move legacy elements over to remastered ones.

Another thing to keep in mind is many classes and elements won’t go “legacy” until their actual remastered replacement / alternate gets released, which is many months for some things.

If we detect any struggling or feedback once the transition starts, we’ll certainly be willing to revisit our stance and make adjustments if needed.