Core Rule book pdf showing NOT unlocked

I bought the Humble bundle for PF2e which includes the PDF for Core Rules and while using Demiplane it shows all the modules I got with the bundle but doesn’t say I own the Core Rules.

Do I need to buy Core Rules in the Demiplane portal to gain access? (same goes with Game mastery, Bestiary 2, etc.)


Our Paizo Connect feature allows us to offer you a deep discount on any titles that you have the corresponding PDF of in your Paizo account library. In order to access those books on the NEXUS, you will need to purchase them on the NEXUS, since they are a separate product and require a separate purchase. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you are paying for the integration into the character sheet. There is a TON of work that goes into making a character builder.

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How long does it normally take to show as purchased? I have the PDF thru Paizo connect, I purchased it on-site very cheaply, I have the receipt but now it wants me to pay $18 to unlock it.

Am I missing something?

To confirm: Did you purchase the book on Demiplane and are still seeing the prompt to unlock it?

We are tracking down a bug right now related to that happening in the character tools, so I want to make sure whether or not this is related to that bug. :slight_smile:

yes, for the Core Rules and for the Advanced Player’s Guide. I believe it’s now asking for full price for both and I have both connected thru Paizo

Yes, that looks like it’s related to the bug we’re looking into. Could you please submit a support ticket so we can update your account when we resolve this issue?