Core Rulebook - Support Mega-Thread

Post any issues you discover as you explore the Core Rulebook in this thread.

Thanks for helping us test and fine-tune during Early Access!

So I get that this is just a comedic thing but the 5th level spell slot column for at least the wizard and cleric are being set to the length of the Spell Level words above them.

this level 1 gnome feat looks like it dropped part of its effect.

Line work on age of lost omens cp8
The map of the Inner sea has bad line work around the Starstone Isle. I checked my second printing book and that has a map with the right linework so there is a good pic out there.

Hey reccaim, thanks so much for the feedback!

I have gone ahead and updated the table styles a little to help out with that header for wizard, and have fixed up the gnome feat.

As for the image we will work with Paizo to get the map update and get it implemented ASAP

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ok I was just talking with Demipete about the Dinosaur Form spell and I saw in the Tyrannosaurus the Deadly trait without a die size. I checked the official AoN entry and it has the same text so just pass this one to Paizo as they will need to assign one to it not you.

I’ve questioned whether this is worth bringing up. I’m sure it’s to do with my narrow screen size. However demiplane doesn’t always fit my screens front display correctly when held in portrait. This isn’t an exhaustive list and frankly I haven’t scrolled through everything.

Phone: galaxy fold z3 - the front display which I think is 6.2"

This isn’t terribly important but I thought you all should be aware
In cass there other screen sizes doing this.

Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about:

The Spell Attack Rolls section in Chapter 9 is missing the two formula’s contained in it.

There should be a formula after: “Determine the spell attack roll with the following formula”, and after “Your spell DC is calculated using the following formula”

None of the traits are hot-linked to their definitions in the glossary.

Thanks for the report - we will be tweaking responsiveness in the digital reader throughout Early Access, so this should be resolved at some point before launch.

Thanks for the report - this has been fixed in our staging environment and will be updated in the site the next time we apply an update (likely next week).

These aren’t linked at this time because they’ll link to a different location (not the glossary), more like a tooltip. That will happen a little later in Early Access.


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Great to hear.

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In Chapter 2 - Elf, under Society, there is a pop-up link to sages at the very start that is should not be there.

I see that the sage link in the Elven section as been fixed in the latest drop.

However, I still don’t see the formula’s in Section 9: Spell Attack Rolls.

And this limit of only three replies until someone else replies is not going to work too well in this type of thread if there is not more activity in it.

Wasn’t aware of that limit - we’ll address that.

And thanks for letting us know on the formulas. It looked right in our test environment, but something is breaking in-between. We’ll get it!

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And those formulas are all updated now.

Thanks for the report - it helps us catch that all the formulas in that section were broken (as well as another table earlier in the chapter). Much appreciated!

Not a problem.

Keep up the good work. I like what I’m seeing

Suggestion for improvement.

In the Glossary and Index section, add an alphabet index to the TOC so that people can jump to the section of the word they are looking for.

For example, if I am looking up Press, I could hit ‘P’ to jump me to the P-section. This way I don’t have to try to scroll through all the sections trying to find P.

Formulas in Chapter 6: Equipment are missing. Such as the forumla for Armor Class under the Armor section, and the forumlas for Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls under the Weapons section. There might be others beyond this