Cost vs Value Purchasing on Demiplane vs Paizo PDFs?

I have having an issue getting my gaming group and friends to switch to Nexus.

When they look at the pricing model. To buy the PDFs from Paizo; they are just over half of getting the same product on Demiplane.

For instance; Treasure Vault on Paizo is $19.99. Treasure Vault on Nexus is $34.99.

Remember for many of us older gamers; the DM bought the books and passed them across the table to their friends.

Combine this fact with Arguably many PDF viewers/editors have more streamlined/evolved interfaces for accessing the content; searching; bookmarking; editing than Demiplane interface (the interface has improved however)

We open the pdfs; in basically one click. Demiplane takes more “sifting” to get to the books I own and bouncing between them. (It really needs some more filtering)

How do you justify purchases here for a community that knows it can simply share their PDFs via other sources; streaming, google docs, cloud, etc. I understand we can share content with “strangers” but at the end of the day; people can do that anyway.

I’m looking for a discussion on the value proposition because I’m struggling right now to tell people pay 15 more dollars because they don’t see a “benefit”.

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I think this is a selling point for Demiplane Memberships, because you can effectively split the cost of books across a group just like when your GM shared their physical books at the table. With content sharing you can share your books with up to 24 people, so everyone in the group can use the books from just one purchase!

It’s true, getting your books from Demiplane is an investment, but now with character tools on top of the digital reader and rules compendium, you’re investing in a product that has a lot to offer. And while there may be some features that you like about reading PDFs, I think when you sit down to read through an adventure, Demiplane provides a much better reading experience without having to scroll back and forth and search for the information in our tooltips, and you can use our search functionality across all Pathfinder books, including books you don’t own on the NEXUS, to find where the relevant information is, which makes it easy to navigate your library quickly! Try searching for something like ‘conditions’ or ‘fatal’ and see how easy it is to find a list of all conditions or text for the fatal trait.

Our search functionality is going to receive a major overhaul to make it even better, but it’s already a great way to find most rules and books quickly.

Every purchase you make on Demiplane also supports Paizo through our licensing agreement, so it’s a win-win: You get a powerful product that’s only going to get better over time, and both Demiplane and Paizo get the support needed to keep making these games and tools better.

But if your group wants to take the “wait and see” approach, we understand that. It’s a big investment. And while we think it’s a worthwhile one at this stage, we know that the proof is in the pudding and we’re just getting started making some truly incredible pudding. :slight_smile:


I want my players to be able to read up on their heritages, classes, spells, and so on and for that information to be provided in a fairly digestible, intelligently hyper-linked format that is friendly to both newer and more experienced players. Part of the reason for this is that I want my players to get invested in their characters and to plan the growth of them. And I also want my players to be able to find the answers they need without expecting me to go to the same resource and find it for them. It is about enablement.

Once the search engine is closer to optimized, the ability to search across all books will be invaluable. The Demiplane staff is also building class stockpiles of info, special charts, and basically doing what they can to make the info more consumable, more at your finger-tips. I am waiting patiently and it is incrementally getting better and better.


I think for me buying the Nexus version alone, even with the Paizo pdf discount is a tough pill to swallow unless you tie it in with a $5 subscription that allows you to share with 24 people.

In that regards, it’s sort of an answer to D&D Beyond (no idea if multiple people can contribute multiple sources ala DDB) and for us, it’s working.

Right now our main benefit is reading individual books without distributing pdfs in an easily phone/table friendly way - and with a minor amount of linking, they have a menu to go straight to a given book (Gamemastery Guide - Digital Reader - Pathfinder 2e Nexus and Advanced Players Guide - Digital Reader - Pathfinder 2e Nexus) takes them straight to the GMG and APG for example.

The character builder and presumably encounter builder will be coming down the road but for right now for us, it’s not a matter of everyone spending $30 for an APG but rather one person doing so and spending $5 per month to ensure that everyone can access it.

I’m purchasing the content so that they work in the Character Builder.
I use Demiplane over the other popular choices because the sharing of those Character Sheets is just so much easier with an always online solution.

Coming from 5e, DnDB was an amazing solution. Being able to simply open my campaign and review my players sheets/backstory at any time from anywhere was completely game changing. Period to that we messed around with cheaper apps that didn’t have that network infrastructure and there were so many problems with character sheets going missing, be that someone’s local digital copy or a print out. DnDB solved that problem, made it absolutely easier to manage as a DM, sped up the process of introducing new players to the game.

I want that for my PF2E games… and that means Demiplane content is absolutely worth the investment. I’ve gone all in with the Rules Bundle just so I can get that 25% discount on future purchases even. I trust the Demiplane team to deliver a strong and leading product… simply because we can see with DnDB that they have done it before.


I hope the mobile app is arriving soon. I think if that drops, it will be an easier pill to swallow for gamers, especially for those with limited incomes.

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My main problem is that i like physical books, but like the character builder. The way it is now I have to buy the book again just to add content to my builder. I am looking to come over from D&D but the cost is my hold up. Not cost effective for me at this point and i built up a good character builder at the D&D beyond by piecing it together. Hopefully something can be done for people like me. They just need to help me jump the evil ship.

This isnt something Demiplane control. Its the Paizo policy to allow the pdf purchase to work as a digital license forntheir content and its a hell of a lot better than what the evil pirate ship do.

Yeah and they are too high. Its a flat $34 to $39 for a book to use in creating and reading. I could go to Hero Labs and get it cheaper and save money. Their book prices seem to depend on material and content. Having said that I want to give this site a shot, but i can’t invest money in two places and I do have a budget.

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