Creating a DemiPlane for a Game / System not listed on the drop down list

When I’m creating a new demiplane, it looks as though I’m constrained to the games/systems listed in the drop down.
How do I add a new game or system to the list, or get a free typed one accepted?
For example, I can select ‘New World of Darkness’, but there is not a Changeling: the Lost. I can select ‘Gumshoe’, but not Fear Itself.

In the short term, you’re welcome to select Other from that dropdown menu. But if you have a recommendation for a game that isn’t listed and you believe it should be, feel free to share it here so we can prioritize new additions when time allows. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been thinking about the response above (thanks for getting back so quickly btw)
There are a heckuva lot of games on my shelf - Whilst I could submit a request for each one as I come to play it, then wait for a response, that seems like an inefficient process.
Can we have a user defined free input? I get that you may want to monitor for typos (best case scenario), duplicates, and offensive entries (worst case)

Thanks for the request and feedback here. We don’t have any short term plans for what you mention with the user-defined input - that’s a tough one with anything in a system that relies on “verified” information to make matchmaking work.

However, we are definitely sensitive to the issue of not having the game you want to play or run available, so we’ve been giving that thought. We’ll see what we can do about it as we progress.

Thanks again!