Creating characters with shared content

I might be doing something wrong here. I am trying to content share with my group. They can see the books in their library, but they’re unable to use the books to create characters. When they go to the character creation page, they still have an “unlock” button next to the classes.

I have purchased the book, I have turned on sharing and created a campaign, they are in the campaign and sharing is on for them. They can see and access the book in “my library”, but we can’t find the location to actually make characters with that content. Did I miss something?

I think one of my players had this problem, but I can’t remember what we did. I know this always sounds dumb, but did they try turning it off and then back on again? :smiley: But, seriously, it might have been as simple as having my player log out and back in again, or clearing their cache, but my brain has started melting on this lovely Friday afternoon, and with it, seemingly, those memories.

Also, did you put in a formal support request? Sometimes you can get help here in the forums, but it never hurts to put in a ticket. They’re very responsive and helpful.

They can make characters using that content in the usual place: Under “My Characters” at the top of the page.

If you have access to everything in the character tools, it’s likely a sharing issue that we can fix pretty easily with a support ticket. You can put that in here:

Thanks Erik & Joshua. Meant to come back here and update - I went to make a support ticket, and I wanted to get screenshots, so I made an alt account, but couldn’t replicate the problem on my end. So I tagged one of the players that was having the problem at the table last night, and they were able to make a character normally. So, I don’t know! It seems to have resolved itself. I purchased the APG and that worked fine for all my players as well, so who knows.

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