Creature Families and the members thereof

I would like to suggest that the pages for creature families should include the creatures in that family. Currently, if I search “goblin” or “orc”, I first get the ancestry, then the weapon/equipment trait (which seems to me should be further down, but whatever), then the Bestiary game element. When I then click on the latter, it takes me to the general information about orcs, but with no mention of the various entries therein (Goblin Warrior, Goblin Pyro, Orc Brute, Orc Warchief, etc.).

Currently, you can get that info by going into the Bestiary as a source and then navigating alphabetically through the table of contents, but it makes it a lot harder to find the monster you’re looking for if you don’t remember the exact name offhand when you’re starting your search, and would be way more user friendly if these specific state blocks were either included or directly linked from the creature family page.

On the opposite note, and of lesser priority (but still on the wish list) would be if once you do find the creature you were looking for, you click and go to directly to the individual page for that creature that you currently get when you start your search with Game Rules/Creatures and then to the stat block from there, as once we’re actually running a combat, I would rather have just the creature I need and not waste screen space with the “noise” of the table of contents and other creature entries around it.

Thanks for this feedback! We’re continuing to improve our rules listings, so this is helpful for us to consider as we work on those. :slight_smile:

Might be helpful for you, in the creature listing, you can filter by Family using the advanced search which should help with this type of thing.

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Thanks Joshua, that is good to know.