Cumbersome Search Filter Clearing for Primer material

Was just playing around with the new Primer information and tried searching Feats. Can’t seem to select all and delete a search string. Field requires me to set cursor and delete text to clear it for a new search. Small detail but irksome.


Yeah, agreed - we have a ticket in to adjust that. It will be updated soon, thanks!


One thing that really hurts the D&D Beyond set up is their awful search engine. It has no logic. It’s simply searches the word. There’s no intuition built into it. A good search engine looks for relevance. I hope you do that.

Our search engine allows for a great deal of customization of rules / logic, so yes, it’s part of the plan.

We haven’t gotten there yet at this point in Early Access, but the system has the capability and we will apply the effort from the team as we progress to launch. Thanks!