Curious about Starfinder 2e support

Hi all, so I did see that the new Starfinder will be supported, which is awesome! I know this is very much a long way off, but I do have a super general question about your current thoughts on implementing this new system.
So basically what I’m wondering is if you’re planning on doing a separate Starfinder nexus, or if you’re thinking you might sort of just combine it with Pathfinder nexus? The reason I ask this is while first edition Starfinder was mostly a different ruleset from first edition Pathfinder, from what I read Starfinder 2e isn’t really a new TTRPG. If anything it’s an expansion of second edition Pathfinder. Paizo is describing it as being 100 percent compatible, but from the look at the Soldier field test they released, Starfinder 2e is basically going to be a new Pathfinder rulebook with Ancestries, Classes, Equipment and Starship and Tech rules. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is excellent, and I’m thrilled that they’re using essentially the exact same rules. I’m just curious if you had any super early days long term thoughts on what this compatibility might look like in the nexus?

We expect to have a Starfinder NEXUS and a Pathfinder NEXUS, but it’s too soon for us to talk about how we’ll handle cross-compatibility since the game isn’t finalized yet. We plan to work with Paizo to support it in whatever way makes the most sense. :slight_smile:


Got you. I figured it was a long shot but with Paizo already dropping field tests of the classes I was curious.

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Paizo has stated that the field tests aren’t meant for people to play so I doubt anything is going to generate a playable version of those. Once they play test starts after the next gencon, I am guessing we will see tools out of as many partners as possible.