Daggerheart custom armor & traits

Hi I have noticed i can custom adjust some things but not others.

I can custom adjust evasion and armor stats by clicking on them on the stat pages and i can custom adjust weapons to change the base damage, additional dice or the dice rolled however, i cant adjust the stats/traits. Also some armors i vant adjust armor score such as on Gambeson armor and its only the armor value nothing else.

  1. Please can you make it possible to edit all armors?
  2. If possible allow more free customisation or creation to adjust the features of weapon/armors
  3. Please can you make it possible to custom adjust traits (strength, agility, etc.) In the same way we can adjust the evasion and armor scores on the main page?

Hi there!

1/2. Currently the only aspect you can customize on armor is the armor value. In the future, we’ll have homebrew tools that will allow more customization of an armor’s features.

  1. You should be able to adjust your traits! Simply click on the name of the trait you’d like to edit (clicking the number triggers a roll), and then click the cogwheel icon on the top right of the sidebar that opens. You’ll be able to add an additional modifier of your choice (or use a negative number to decrease the trait).

Thanks for that. I didnt realise i needed to click the stat name rather than the stat.

Is there a reason i cant adjust the armor stat on gambeson armor but can on other armors?

Hmm, I’m not able to reproduce that on my end. :thinking: When I click on Gambeson Armor in my sheet, and then click the cogwheel I have the ability to add (or subtract) the armor bonus.

Could you share the character you’re seeing the issue on? I’d be happy to take a look. (Make sure the sharing setting is set to “Anyone with a link”, which can be found by clicking the character name, at the bottom of that sidebar!)

(Actually sounds like another team member pushed a fix right before I checked, so you may be good now!)

Funnily i just checked now and its fixed itself but it was a problem the whole time for me until just now.

Checked at least 10 times and even checked 1hr ago but suddenly its working. Sorry for that.

Not at all, one of our team members ninja’d in a fix right before I checked. You were definitely right! Glad we were able to fix it. Thanks a ton for the report! :blue_heart:

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