Daggerheart Disadvantage Roll

The current duality dice disadvantage is not working properly. The current system rolls an extra fear die and keeps the lower.

When you roll with disadvantage, you roll an extra d12 Hope die and use the lowest Hope die result.

Hello dauger and welcome to Demiplane! Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look!

Hello again! This should now be fixed. :blue_heart:

Looking good!

This got asked on their 1.3 update stream but they ended up talking about crit percentage chances and I was unclear what their intended working is - if I roll with disadvantage 7 hope, 2 hope, and 2 fear, do I critically succeed or is the 7 hope technically the ‘lower’ of the two rolls?

Will feed back that it probably needs to be clearer in the rulebook, but wanted to know where other people had landed on this!

In the change log:

Disadvantage now has them roll an additional Hope die (not a d6) and take the lowest option.

I read that as you take the lower roll, rather than the ‘worse’ roll. That gives you a 1 in 16 chance of getting a critical success when you roll with disadvantage. That fits in with this comment:

Changed advantage system to make crits and rolls with Hope more likely.

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