Daggerheart Drop - Flickerfly

Darrington Press dropped updated statblocks for Juvenile and Adult Flickerfly.

Looks like the Adult Flickerfly statblock on Demiplane hasn’t been updated.

The Juvenile Flickerfly statblock has the following error:
Hallucinatory Breath (Loop 1d6+2), while the PDF has (Loop 1d6).

Thanks so much for catching that! I’ve fixed up the juvenile and adult flickerfly.

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How does the Hallucinatory Breath’s countdown tick?
Does the DM spend an action token to tick this countdown? If so, is this considered one of the 3 relentless’s actions?

Page 113: “A countdown might tick every time an action roll is made, every time a PC rolls
with Fear, during downtime, or any other parameter (either set by the mechanics or by the GM to reflect
the fiction).”

Also Page 179: “When you have a countdown, whether short term (the arrival of reinforcements, etc.) or long term (the usurping of a king, etc.), you can always tick it down by spending Fear.”

So, from what I understand, the countdown for Hallucinatory Breath would tick anytime an action roll is made, any time a player rolls with Fear or when the GM uses Fear Tokens to tick it down.

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