[Daggerheart] [Europe] LF players and a DM

Hi! I’m French, 38 yo, she/they. I’m really interested in playtesting Daggerheart. I have some 10 years + of TTRPG experience, mostly 5e but also Alien, Fate Core, and PbtA.

I’m free most days except Wednesday and Sunday. Unfortunately, I can’t offer to DM since I already run a campaign with a very long-term group that deserves my best DMing efforts :slight_smile:


I have a game open that I’m going to try and run. I know the time zone is way off I’m in the US on EST time which is GMT-4.

The game I DM has two Texans and a Quebecois so I know it can be done provided the N. Americans play in the morning and those of us in Europe play in the afternoon/ evening. But not many people want to play first thing in the morning…

I’m creating a Westmarch server for Daggerheart. Not sure if I am allowed to post links here, so will only post the last part of the discord group. Join if interested.


What day you guys playing?

Hi! I got a game going on tomorrow morning, should be your afternoon time.

I’ve already got three players in the group and can easily accommodate you!

Hey Sketti, having any luck? I’m not able to offer to DM due to work requirement, but if you find a group and theres a few extra spots we’d be keen :blush: will keep you in the loop if we find one too.