DAGGERHEART looking to create online party in Europe time zone

Want to participate in beta testing of Daggerheart.
I am 32, female, living in Moldova. Fairly nerdy, LGBTQ+ friendly and generally a nice person =) Been playing DnD for 1,5 years, no GM experience. Fluent in English.
Who would like to play with me?
Want to find out about new gaming system, support Critical Role, find some new friends and play more!


Hi, I am 26 male, living in Canada and interested in testing the daggerheart system. Been in the D&D bizz for 8 years now. I have been DMing a lot. So I don’t mind taking the mantle again for the sake of this promising game. I would also be interested in testing it as a player.
As for the Time Zone difference (I am in the NA east coast time zone), I think we can manage with some scheduling.
Hope will hear from you :grin:

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hi , im 18, female, in portugal.
never played d&d because i didnt find anyone to, however ive been folowing critical role for a while and i really want to try.
fluent in english
could i join?

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Hello, im 30, Male, from Germany.
i only watched and tried DnD once but id like to play and im very excited for Daggerheart.
im kinda shy but a friendly class clown when im comfortable.
If you guys need another one id be very excited if i could join you :slight_smile:

<3 Snow

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Would be very cool to have an experienced DM to lead us!

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Hello all, I’m Angelina. I’m a 26 year old female and from the US (EST) but am flexible on timing. I have never been in a table top RP before but have spent most of my life in the written RP world. I am interested in this system, getting to know you all, and testing as a player. :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind that. Let me just grab my GM mantle real quick for this. :joy:
So I suppose what’s left is to decide on a place (virtual of course) and time to start. Though, I might need some time to memorize the basic rules and get confortable with them before we start for real.


Hello, i am 36 yo male from Germany who would Love to try daggerheart out and meet you all. Have experience with few ttrpgs, DnD 5e mostly.

Hey! Wanting to dive into Dagger Heart but I am a new player. Been watching critical role since 2020 though I have never played a TTRPG. Is that ok or are you looking for more experienced players?

21-year-old college student from Florida living on NA East down to try and make it work. Wanting to try one of the cow people lol. Regardless, hope everyone here finds a group and has fun with the new system!


28yo Belgian here also looking for a group to try the game with. Ive played 5e for a couple of years. Ive also played a couple of games of Pathfinder 2e. I’m very excited to give Daggerheart a try! I sadly don’t have any real gm experience. If anyone has an open spot in their group let me know!

I’m Matt (he/him, 43), living in The Netherlands.
Interested in European based playtest group. I might be able to find some time/energy to run a one shot.
Please keep me in the loop if anyone gets something rolling. :heart_hands:

Hey, 26, Portugal, I have played dnd a few times and wanted to try this system as a player.

I have very limited DM experience but I’d be willing to give it a whirl if necessary.

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Hello! I would very much like to try out Daggerheart. I’m 22, male, currently in Italy, and I have 2 years of experience in DnD 5e. I have some DM experience but I’m running a campaign at the moment and it would be difficult to run another one.

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So nice to have so many people answer! I’ve made a Discord server Play Daggerheart and my discord is @zelenoye
But a Disclamer: I’ve never made a community or something like that, I’m not really a leader or organizer, just took a bit of initiative. So If someone wants to be an organizer - go ahead, and like any advice on managing this group is welcome.


Hi! I am 24, male, living in Spain. I have some experience in DnD 5e and Hombrewing stuff. If you need another one or if there is a vacant, let me know! I’ll be pleased to play and/or (if needed, since it’d be hard with the campaing I’m currently DMing) GM a game.

Hi, I’m based in South Wales, UK. Been looking for players closer to the GMT time zone. I see theres a few European based players here.
Been GMing D&D5e for about 9 years. Been GMing lot of Candela Obscura lately, which Im hoping to run online at somepoint.
Really interested in Daggerheart being a Crit Role fan, either as a player or a GM.
If theres any interest in Candela Obscura get in touch. Or about a Daggerheart group.

Hey, I’m 30-ish, He/Him from Baltics - GMT+2 timezone. Would love to play, I can adjust, but would prefer evenings after 21:00 (GMT+2). Can do any day except Thursdays.
I’ve been playing DnD for about 1.5years now (still feel new to it), came across Daggerheart and instantly got hooked - I tried the character creator and GM’d a short session 1-1 to just try some stuff out to my friend. I’d love to playtest it with more awesome people!

Posted a Discord link a bit higher, please go there and join one of the parties =)