[Daggerheart] [Paid]($15 per session w/ Free Session 0) Daggerheart Playtest | 4 Session Campaign with Free Session 0 | Fridays. DM looking for players. Friday (weekly) 8:00 PM EST

Link to Gamelisitng: Play Indie TTRPG Online | Daggerheart Playtest | 4 Session Campaign with Free Session 0| Fridays

Dive headfirst into the zany and spellbinding world of Critical Role’s Daggerheart with the 4 Session Campaign starting with a session 0 and the Quickstart Adventure, Sablewood Messengers! It’s your golden ticket to learning the brand-spanking-new Daggerheart Ruleset while continuing the story past the quickstart adventure. So let swords clash and stories unfold in a realm where fantasy knows no bounds. No need to read the whole manuscript! The Quickstart Adventure is your express lane to the fun, serving up a hearty slice of the Daggerheart pie with no previous know-how required. We’ll start with a session 0 to create characters and start with an adventure based on the starting playtest. But for those who haven’t played. You’re more than welcome as we’ll be covering: - Explaining Character Sheets - How to use Demiplane - Learning Duality Dice - Using the No Initiative Combat System We’ll be using Discord for voice and Demiplane for character sheets.

Spots are still open for tomorrow!

I haven’t played a TTRPG before, would that be a problem? I’m pretty sure I can figure it out but don’t want to drag everyone down if it’s an issue.

Beginners are more than welcome! I did push the start date to next week, Friday 5/2, so we could get more players so feel free to sign up with the Startplaying Link!

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