Data Loss Continues

Hello everyone! The new updates and features rollout this week are wonderful! However, I continue to experience data loss on my sheets; I’ve briefly mentioned this a while ago. A few examples (all on the same sheet):

  • Updated the XP and when I return to the character that XP is gone. This has happened twice.

  • I add items to the inventory (Elven Curve Blade and a Wayfinder) and when I return to the sheet, they are gone, both from inventory and in actions (for the weapon).

  • If I try to put information into the fields under “Details” (ie. a Pathfinder Society faction) it only captures half the text. For example, I type in “Horizon Hunters” and when I re-open the sheet later, that text has become “Horiz”.

Is this just me? I’m accessing the character builder using Firefox, BTW.

Hello @cosmosis - thanks for posting.

It is not just you. It would be anyone accessing the builder with Firefox. We are aware of issues with that browser that don’t happen in Chrome, and those issues are on our short list to address.

I mention the lack of Firefox support in the Open Beta welcome message modal, but I know that none of us ever really read those. Right now, we’re caught between trying to figure out how to let people know FF doesn’t work and just investigating, figuring out, and getting the work done to get that browser to work and having a hard time finding the right threshold.

We’ll share more soon on the Firefox front and keep everyone updated. In the meantime, feel free to check things out in Chrome, or hopefully we’ll solve the issues for FF before too much longer.


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Thank you! I honestly didn’t notice the mention of FF not working, and that’s on me - sorry! I’ll check it out via Chromium (Edge) and see how if that fixes things in the short term. Hopefully the Firefox issues get knocked out soon, as it’s my preferred browser. :slight_smile:

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