Daze cantrip lists 0d6+mod roll; tapping dice rolls crashes site

Hi folks! First time back in a little while. Excited to explore the responsive layout - so far looking good! I didn’t spot this issue in the forum here, so I’m adding it now.

To test out the new tablet look, I fired up my level 1 kobold bard and gave him a few spells, including the cantrip Daze. Daze just does your spellcasting modifier in damage unless heightened, but it gets a dice roll button reading 0d6+3 (in my case).

Clicking it or any other spell dice roll crashes the sheet (and loses all the changes made). I’m not sure if I can access the console on the iOS version of Chrome, but I can report the same thing happens in Safari.

I also couldn’t seem to click on the down arrow next to the dice expression to see what it was for.

Screenshots below; character was created back in the early days of the alpha, not sure if that’s a factor.

Thanks for sharing this! We’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

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