Dealing with canon - Avatar Legends

Bit of a nerdy question, but I’ve never played a TTRPG with an established canon before. My current campaign is set during the 100 year war, and has pivoted toward the Dai Li and corruption in Ba Sing Se. Obviously, a large part of Season 2 of ATLA deals with this, and I was wondering what people thought the best way to deal with this is. I don’t want to deprive my players of freedom, and I also don’t want their efforts to be futile, but it seems a little weird to me to alter canon.

Any tips?

Having your character have victories of against the Dai Li and corruption in the Earth Kingdom does mean altering canon. Unless it something drastic like dismantling them. The player actions should effect current event taking down a corrupt individual or saving a innocent by exposing the real criminal. The goal shouldn’t be we are going to fix this corruption but where going to have a victory against it. Short term victories can be impactful especially if it effect what a character holds as important.

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The Core Rulebook actually addresses this topic directly, in the “Changing History” paragraphs on page 247 (in Chapter 9, “Seasons & Campaigns”).
It states:
“It’s best to decide before you start playing how your group wants to handle events that disrupt the canonical history of the Avatarverse. For some, the official history might be a mere guide, an idea of what might happen, easily disrupted by brave adventurers. Others might view the events featured in Chapter 2: The World of Avatar as unalterable; either changes cannot happen if they alter history or some other event must change the setting back off-screen.
There’s no right answer to how to play the game! Just make sure that everyone at your table knows
how your group is dealing with the established history before you start play!”

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I had another look through the rulebook yesterday and did read this, but thank you!