Deep thoughts...or at least my feedback

Just a few observations to help you take this tool and make it indispensable. As someone who is just dabbling in PF2e, this character creator has helped me better understand the creation flow which is great, you are on the right track. Visually I like the layout and while I understand its not in its final state, it does look and flow nicely.

That said, you have us here to poke holes so I will add some opportunities

  • Fighter level 5 Weapon Mastery is blank

  • The system is quite slow/unresponsive

  • Dwarf Ancestry Feat Boulder Roll allowed me to take it without the prerequisite Rock Runner

  • Fighter Kit missing as an option when adding gear

  • While I do understand the reasoning behind restricting access to content for testers who have not purchased it, I would think that if more options were available it would be easier to detect issues at scale.

Overall a strong start, I simply cannot wait for the finished product.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: