Deleting characters

I took a look through and didn’t see mention so apologies if I missed it. But I have two characters that I have been trying to delete and when I type in the name exactly as is it just tells me that the name I typed did not match.


If you go into the character builder itself and copy the name from there and paste that, does that work?

Currently the delete page does not show extra spaces, so if the name has multiple spaces back to back, the current character page strips those.

let me know if that solves it!

That doesn’t do it. I tried copying from both the characters page that lists all the characters and from within the builder itself after clicking edit character. They’re both one word names, so I don’t know if a space got added or what.

Thanks for trying that, can you link me your character by chance?

while on the sheet, if you click your avatar at the top left, and in the drawer at the bottom, set the view permissions to anyone with a link and send that my way?

(feel free to send it in a private message if you don’t want to post it on the forums)

Here they are:
I’ve had no problems creating and deleting others so I’m not sure what happened to these two.

it looks like they both have a single space after the name. Try typing their name, and then added one single space. so "Nombre " for example.

The sheet and the delete page seem to strip those from display. But in the builder it should have the empty space in the name field (where you type your name).

This is 100% not how it should function, but hopefully that lets you delete them! (Was able to that way when I made a character copy)

If for some reason that does not do it for you, you should be able to give them a re-name and be good to delete.

You’re right, that did it. Thanks!