Demiplane and Pathfinder Nexus Accessibility Issues with Screen Readers

I am a blind gamer, and I’ve been getting into this new system to test it out. So far there’s a lot that is accessible, and what isn’t seems like it would be easy to fix. In both the Pathfinder Nexus reader and the Demiplane tabletop, a lot of the buttons do not have labels, so my screen reader cannot identify what they are. I’m not sure which buttons they are for obvious reasons. In addition, on the Demiplane tabletop there are several controls that my screen reader identifies as clickable elements that are likewise unlabeled, so I don’t know what they are either. If these controls were labeled I’m pretty sure both the PF Nexus reader and the tabletop would be completely accessible with screenreaders.
If you want advice for a completely free way to test for screen reader accessibility, I would recommend downloading the completely free screen reader NVDA from and using it to test the web site in both Chrome and Firefox. If you only test one browser, test it in Chrome. If it’s accessible with that set-up, I think it likely that it’ll work fine in other browsers with other screen readers as well. If you do any testing on Mac, you can turn on the VoiceOver screen reader under Accessibility in System Preferences, but usually if it’s accessible with one it’s at least reasonably accessible with all of them.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We want to make our platform as accessible as we can, and we have the things you mention here already on our radar to address as soon as we can. Early Access is not only about polishing digital toolset features, but site accessibility as well.

We value your feedback as we undertake that quest - we’ll provide updates (and you’ll be able to experience the improvements) as we are able to implement them.

Thanks again!