Demiplane and World of Darkness

Renegade announced today that they are partnering with Fantasy Grounds for the VTT release of Werewolf and I’m curious to know what this means for seemingly delayed Vampire content on Demiplane.

Hello and thanks for posting.

The two things aren’t related - World of Darkness fans will be able to play using Fantasy Grounds if that’s their preference, or they be able to manage characters and access content through Vampire, Hunter, or the upcoming Werewolf NEXUS (and then use that in other places downstream too).

As for Vampire content, we have several books already available in Early Access on Vampire NEXUS, and the character tools will be here within the next couple of months. We are excited to share them with fans and believe they will be worth the wait.

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I’m super excited for the Vampire character builder. I was an early adopter of the VTM Nexus - bought all the books available at the time, but have been disappointed by the delay in the VTM character builder (though I get it, pathfinder was/is priority). I’m really excited for the upcoming trajectory, especially with the 5E Nexus introduced.

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Yeah, software development often comes with unknowns that translate into delays, but we have crossed some major platform milestones that mean we can move with much more velocity now.

Taking the time to build the underlying platform the right way with the flexibility and power we need (piloting with Pathfinder) has already paid big dividends for us - Avatar’s character tools came within a couple of months, and we’ll see both Vampire and Marvel come in about that time both in parallel. We’ll have half a dozen games before too much longer.

I’ll also say that these aren’t cookie-cutter jobs either…each builder and digital sheet will really capture the feel of each game.

I appreciate that you are so active on the Forums - I’ve been following you from your D&D Beyond days, and was excited when you joined the Demiplane team. Hoping for your continued success with Demiplane and that you can build a worth successor to D&D Beyond (which I hope I can leave in its entirety once 5E Nexus is ready :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the reply! As an early adopter as well with all the available material purchased so far, I’m especially happy to hear you slip in that Werewolf will come eventually as well.

Of everything you guys offer, the World of Darkness stuff is all I am familiar with really. I was really disheartened at first with how they released their books as some were official, some was fan-made, and the Onyx Path stepped in with semi-official material… it was very messy. But between Demiplane and Renegade, that felt like it went away. And with Demiplane here was a platform FINALLY that I could use in the way my D&D friends have used Beyond… I subscribed almost right away when the bundle was offered.

But it’s been a long wait, no lie. I look forward to it all paying off!

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