Demiplane App does a horrible job with some of the tables for Marvel Multiverse

The Marvel Multiverse RPG Source book cuts off several of the tables.
You have to click, highlight and drag to the right to see the columns that are cut off. This happens with the Power Category tables, and the Archetype rank progression.

Thank you for the feedback.

Ultra wide tables in a web page display are a real challenge…reading areas need to be constrained to around 800 pixels or less, and that goes down to 350 pixels or so to work on mobile devices.

Our approach to this point has been to allow them to be scrollable horizontally. You can do that quickly by holding Shift and scrolling with your mouse wheel, but we have it on the list to provide a button or some other kind of control to make it clearer that it is possible to scroll it.

We’ll keep trying to figure out the optimal approach - it’s not a common best practice, because most of the time, the answer is “don’t make tables that wide” (but that’s not viable in TTRPG content for the most part).

Thanks again!

Thanks for the reply. I tried doing ctrl and the scroll wheel and it didn’t have any effect. (in any of the browsers I tried.)

Thanks for pointing out the Shift+Scroll Wheel trick. It helps a lot.

You may want to put a note some where at the beginning to help with that.

I am enjoying what is present so far and look forward to seeing future developments. The button sounds promising too.

See you in the Nexus. :slight_smile:

As a suggestion, you could replace ultra-wide tables with an accordion.
Every row in the table would be it’s own entry in the accordion which you can expand to reveal the data of that row as a list with label-value pairs.

That way it’s easy to navigate and use the table on mobile devices.

You could even build a widget that offers the original table layout and the condensed accordion (e.g. with a tab layout that has two tabs) and re-use that across the app.

We appreciate the suggestion.

In my past life, our team actually used that approach on wide tables thinking it was an emerging way for tables to work on mobile and would work great.

After that went live, we got pretty significant feedback that players wanted to see the tables “as they are in the book,” so we went with the horizontal scroll.

We’ll continue to monitor and tweak as the feedback comes in - thanks!

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