Demiplane campaign group feedback

I am very interested in trying to use Demiplane as a campaign management tool for my future campaigns. I’m currently using Foundry as my VTT, but I’ve previously used Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

We’ve been using Discord for our Voice Chat, and as a rudimentary campaign management tool, but simple text channels are a terrible way to manage a campaign.

I like the direction Demiplane is heading with it’s campaign management, but I have some feedback on a couple key items that are currently holding me back from adopting it into any of my campaigns:

Content Sharing
This one has already come up in multiple threads, and it looks like we should expect a dev announcement about it sometime this month, so I won’t go into it.

Bookmarks Sharing
I can’t share external links created in the “My Bookmarks” section. This would be a great place to link to external resources and tools for the players to use.

So as far as I can tell, Journals are only created when a session is started? I can’t actually test this functionality because I can’t start a session in an empty test group, and I don’t want to pester my players with joining a test session. If the default journal that was created when I started the group is any indication, there are 2 default journal entries, and the only other thing I can create are “Super Events”, which only have Titles, and not descriptions?

I would like to be able to create journal entries outside of sessions, and share them with my players. I’d also really love to be able to remove journal entries, since I can’t remove the default entry.

This is potentially a really cool way of managing quests and tasks in a campaign. However, you can only create the Title of a task, there is no description field.

Demiplane Voice/Video
A problem that plagues both Roll20, and the browser version of Discord, is the inability to pass keyboard shortcuts on to a browser tab that is not active. This problem also plagues Demiplane Voice/Video chat. You can’t use Push-To-Talk in a browser windows that isn’t active. Since players would be using another browser tab or application for the VTT, their only choice is to use VOX (voice activated), this also means that everyone’s videos are obscured as well. A desktop app would potentially solve this problem, as well as possibly add the ability to overlay video content over other applications. I’m sure that if a desktop app is on the dev plan, it is waaay down at the bottom.


Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

The good news is, we plan to incorporate most everything you have mentioned (i.e. it is on the “list”).

The news that is probably less good depending on your point of view is, that list is going to take some time to work through!

Regardless, we are committed to checking items off the list and bringing all those things full circle over time. We appreciate everyone who is along for the ride and we will continue to share updates as we make progress.

Thanks again!

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