Demiplane / Daggerheart Character Sheet (FEEDBACK)

Here are some things I’ve noticed over the past few days building characters and using the site.

  1. There is no convenient place to click and level up from the CHARACTER SHEET page (at least not that I can see).

Currrently, I need to click on my name (or the triple dashes next to my name), which brings up the sidebar on the right, and then I need click on the CHARACTER BUILDER option, and then I need to click on LEVEL UP in the CB page in order to level up.

I feel that there should be an option added to the LEVEL shield at the top right of the CS page that will take you directly to the LEVEL UP page.

  1. Experiences should have a details section added where I can add notes when I click on the expience in the DETAILS tab. I want to expand upon the experience, explaining how it came about, what its benefits and limitations, and where it would apply (or record events when I used it during the campaign).

  2. I also feel that the EXPERIENCE section under DETAILS on the CS is a bit too short (it cuts the phrase off after 35 characters used [including spaces]). Not that these phrases should be encouraged to be super long, but 50 characters isn’t crazy, and it would allow them to stack 3 to a single row on the CS page, instead of just one.

  3. A place to write out my characters background outside of the journal section. Perhaps another section under the DETAILS tab? Sometime mine are short backgrounds, and sometimes they are long, but EVERY character I make has one.

  4. The ability to filter/sort the JOURNAL tab by TITLE and DATE. Currently it is locked to sort by the latest change made, which conflicts with how I like to organize my entries.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I’ll get these logged for review by the team. :smiling_face: