Demiplane Forums "About" & "Guidelines" pages have a "Terms of Service" link that leads to a 404 error

New members are shown a welcome message for their first 2 posts that includes a link to the community guidelines. There are 4 links in the header on that page:

(Note: the “Guidelines” link there has a URL ending in /faq instead of /guidelines - but both lead to the same page.)

If you click on the “About” link, this same set of 4 links is still shown at the top.

However, the “Terms of Service” link points to, which just shows a 404 page:

This seems to be because the actual Terms of Service page (which is linked in the footer of that 404 page) is actually located at this URL: Demiplane - Terms of Service

You may want to simply add a redirect from /tos to /terms-of-service, and/or change the link in that heading of the About and Guidelines pages to point to the correct URL instead.

Hey, thanks for catching that! We’ll get that link sorted out.

Thanks for the quick response!

EDIT: @joshuamsimons FYI, it looks like there’s also a link to the /tos URL in the menu that appears if you click “Flag” on a forum post.

Thanks. We just fixed those links in the Community Guidelines. I’ll take a look at that one too. :slight_smile: