Demiplane Joins the Roll20 Family!

0 interest in Roll 20, not going to use it. As long as we get an agnostic API and PDF support, it’s all good. Got the whole bundle and invested in PF2E and hoping that I can use it with other TTRPG’s otherwise it will be useless to me and just go back to Pathbuilder.


Sorry, this is really terrible news. I don’t use Roll20 anymore and was hoping to avoid any interaction with them. So long as the digital tools on Nexus continue to improve (and they have, especially the PD2E chargen) and the Paizo Account Link stays active, I’ll keep using it. I went full into both the rules and setting books and would hate to have to stop because of some nonsense that Roll20 does.

So time will tell I guess.


I’ll confab with the Roll20 survey folks and see if that’s something I can share insights on! I can at least speak to your comments about using Demiplane with theater of the mind–there’s no intent to hide Demiplane behind VTT capabilities! The goal will be to allow you to use Demiplane whether you play in person, with theater of the mind, or with VTT.

Glad to share that PDF export is in progress right now! The work on that will help build the foundation for other forms of export that we hope to offer in the future.

Welcome to the forums, randeth! Our relationship with our friends at Paizo and all of the folks who use our tools to play Pathfinder 2e (and who will use them for Starfinder 2e!) is incredibly important to us. :blue_heart:


Definitely looking forward to that and continued progress here on Demiplane! I know situations like these will bring out the skeptics, but it’s warranted in many cases as gamers see their favorite video game or board game get bought by a big company and much of its core essence changes.

Thanks for your continued optimism and responses Millie. I’m just a big proponent of freedom, Pathfinder is more free than D&D and was my original big draw to it years ago. My hope was (still is) that Demiplane with its ability to be open to many games can follow that into other options such as connectivity and flexibility. Being the site that built itself to be able to parse and be supportive of multiple games, and then limit yourself as to which VTT’s after all that work would be a massive shame and self imposed limitation.


I’m really glad to hear that PDF export is being actively worked on. It is the one serious feature that two of my tables are waiting on before adopting Demiplane.

That being said, it will be a harder sell now that you all are owned by Roll20, for one of my tables. They’ve specifically said they want nothing to do with Roll20. It has a bad reputation for technically quality and customer service. This is exactly the opposite of my experience with the Demiplane team.

I really am hoping that you all can change the dynamics over there instead of the other way around. I’m a huge fan of Demiplane and everything you’ve done.


For those of use who bought into discounted bundles, will that discount survive as the two platforms merge?

Nothing I can share at this time as far as how/if discounts will work across platforms, but your Demiplane discounts (for example: a Pathfinder Ultimate Bundle) will still apply to the Demiplane purchases they are built to apply to.

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