Demiplane Membership

I had a confirmation Email that my membership is active but its not showing as active. I have a confirmation code, how can this be resolved?

I have the same issue Keldrick - see my post - just have to submit a ticket - seems like a relatively common issue, so hopefully it gets cleared up quickly :slight_smile:

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How do I go about submitting a ticket?

There’s a link in the response on my thread

Hi folks, we figured this one out. There was an issue with a handful of transactions not clearing on our end. We can fix this if you submit a ticket:

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be fully resolved. While I recieved a promo code (Which was very kind of you all) for a month, I went through the process again using the code and the same error happened. Confirmation E-mail came through, and it says a membership is active, yet I’m still capped at 7 characters, and still can’t share content with my group.

I’ll submit another ticket after the long weekend perhaps. I get that people need to have some time off, including support staff! But I thought I’d note here that the issue might not be fully resolved.

Thank you for the updated report! When the team is back in office tomorrow I’ll have them take a deeper dive.

Just closing the loop here: I believe the issue has been fully resolved. If someone is still encountering an issue like this, please submit a support ticket and we’ll get that taken care of! :slight_smile: