Bought Membership, but not active?

Hi all,

Just activated NEXUS membership, and got the “you’ve been activated” email, but not getting the sharing functionality - I’ve logged out and back in, in case it needed that to trigger…any thoughts?


You shouldn’t need to do anything special to activate it! It will show when you go to your icon on the top right of any NEXUS page (not forums) with “Content Sharing”, which will open a sidebar to manage. If you don’t see that, please reach out to our Support team who will take a deeper dive to try and assist!

Yeah no such luck yet - still shows as this :frowning:


Even though I got the email confirming my membership is active :frowning:


I am having the same issue. Charge shows on credit card also so has gone through.

If you’re encountering the same issue, please submit a support ticket with the link Mellie shared above. This will allow our team to go in and figure out what’s causing the issue to fix it. :slight_smile:

Well now I’ve received this email - I really hope this is just something that’s happened as the DP team fixes my membership…?

I received refund and notice of cancelled, but no explanation. If you can explain the issue that would be appreciated.

I think we have resolved the issue, but part of the issue was with the transaction not clearing on our end. The easiest solve is for us to refund the transaction, and then you should be able to make that purchase again and get Membership benefits now that a fix is in place. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t yet, please fill out a support ticket for us to fix this for you.

Well I didn’t get a refund on my card, so not re-purchasing until I know the root cause of the issue and see a refund.

It sometimes takes a full business day for the charge to be removed. Keep an eye on your support ticket for follow-up and additional details. I’m updating them right now. :slight_smile:

Thanks Josh - the code you sent, worked!

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