Demiplane - Pathfinder 2e Campaign Management

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I put this in support but I have 0 idea if that is the right place so I apologise if not.

Anyway, I just wanted to reach out and say I love the Demiplane system! it is great and my players recently recreated their pathbuilder characters in it and had 0 questions due to how smooth it was. However, as a GM, I cant seem to find a way to manage a campaign, is this still in development? When I played 5e, I really appreciated being able to have everyone’s character sheets in one place. Especially as we play in person, having a link I could go back to continuously was really useful

I have seen that you can make groups and wow! the amount of cool new stuff in there is amazing! like session notes, useful links etc. BUT I just can’t find a way to link characters to players? I am hoping I am just being stupid and have missed something

Thank you and keep up the good work

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It’s still in development. You can make a group and invite players but the ability to link characters to that space is not yet out.

Thanks so much for the quick response, I hope this is introduced soon! The campaign management side of Nexus was half the reason we invested.

There is a way to share your character file. So as a GM you can view every PC as long as the player shares the file with the GM. Not exactly the preferred method but allows the GM to see what they might need to see on a PC.

How is this feature coming along? We really would love to have GM access to player characters, including the ability to modify HP, etc.

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We continue to conceptualize and design how we want to handle campaign management within our groups, but there are some other key things that need to pave the way before we can develop this and roll it out. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your prompt reply. Is there a public roadmap for the feature development and/or a focus group I might join to help with feature suggestions?

We don’t maintain a public roadmap anywhere, as we’ve found that often leads to disappointment for all parties if and when timelines change. Software development can be unpredictable at times, which is why most of what we share is general plans and short-term priorities. You can join in on our Dev Update streams every Tuesday morning at 9am Pacific, where we share what we’re currently working on and what’s up next. Our bullet point notes from those streams gets posted here in the forums shortly after the stream airs, and then the video is posted on YouTube on Wednesdays.

Awesome, thank you for the invite!