Demiplane vs Foundry

I guess this applies mostly to the Free League Nexus, but knowing very little about both Demiplane and Foundry VTT, I am curious if there will be any fundamental differences between the existing Foundry version of a game like Forbidden Lands and the Demiplane version? It’s probably early to ask that question, but I am curious if anyone has any notion what might be different?

Mechanics? Nothing, otherwise it would be a different game entirely.
Stuff they do as a helper for the system (not sure how to phrase that)? Definitely. I don’t use foundry and the Nexus are in a very early beta at best, but their will definitely be differences.

Thanks— I didn’t mean mechanical gameplay differences to the system, no. I wouldn’t expect those. More like, a big part of Forbidden Lands seems to be the hexcrawl map, and layering encounter sites on top of it. I’m not sure of the focus yet of Nexus or demiplane, but I wondered how the two differ fundamentally, I guess. I know some platforms emphasise the face to face video chat so that people can emote without having to use text, or to evoke the at the table feel, while others focus on the dice roller or usually, battle-maps or sharing visuals, etc. It seemed like significant work had gone into Forbidden Lands on the other platform and I wondered if it could be easily replicated in Demiplane.

I don’t think Demiplane has a or will have a VTT, and the Nexus will probably be closer to D&D Beyond. Of course, you could always use both.

Ah, I see—so it’s more of a player/group finder and video chat space rather than anything that would overlap with another app. Thanks, I guess watching a few videos on Demiplane, it wasn’t totally clear what the platform itself actually was. So it sounds like the two can and should co-exist, more or less.

Yep, as dragonslayer9 said is how I understand this.

It’s an always available online copy of the content like D&DBeyond but for other RPGs with certain additions for campaign spaces, character sheets and rolls - a lot of which if you already have and use Foundry might seem like double-dipping but you might not have 24/7 hosting of your foundry instance (or for that one game if you swap between games and parties).

do you think there will be integration with Foundry? I know they have plug ins to allow D&DBeyond, I REALLY hope there is something like this for p2e Nexus!

I’m not sure. If they did D&D Beyond it will probably happen.

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Here is hoping with as many fingers crossed as I can!