Demplane Interactive Character Sheets?

is this going to be part of the character tools where players can have a sheet for the games that we purchased on here.

Yes. Character Sheets will be one key part of the Character Tools. The closed alpha for the Pathfinder Character Tools is launching in late November and is our pilot for future tools associated with our other NEXUSes. :slight_smile:

We expect to see World of Darkness and Avatar Legends character tools will both be available in early 2023, assuming that everything goes as expected.

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I would love to test PF tools and WOD as well. :slight_smile:

We expect that the first wave of testers will be pulled from Demiplane Members and folks who have been actively using Pathfinder NEXUS. We don’t have more details than that right now.


Hi. I’m wondering how character sheets will work in Demiplane.
I’ll give some examples to illustrate the question…

In D&D Beyond if you want to use a race from a supplement, you either have to add it as homebrew, or buy a digital copy of the book.

In Roll20, you can just free hand type by default and most modifiers pull through.

When Character Tools launch, if I’m playing Vampire and want to play (e.g.) a Banu Haquim character from the Camarilla book, do I need to buy the digital book on Demiplane, or can I just populate the character sheet with the unique clan specific rules?

From my understanding, you’ll need to buy it to use it. That means buy the source book or eventually you can buy “parts”, like in Dnd beyond. The piecemeal purchase has no timeframe as far as I know.

Ugh, I really hope not.
That would be awful.

Will you do something similar for Vampire playtesters? I can not express just how much I would love to be part of this playtest!

Initially, you will only be able to create characters using options from titles in your library. We do have a plan for homebrew content eventually, but aren’t ready to reveal those details quite yet.

I imagine that the process will look very similar as we work on character tools for other systems, but I’m sure more details will be available as we get closer. The Pathfinder character tools are our pilot, so we plan to see what works well and make improvements on the process as we go. :slight_smile:

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