Demplane/Nexus staff - Help me take the leap

So I’m very tempted to go-ahead and pre-order everything. But, I’m a GM and I already own all the books/PDFs, I realize an online reader is way more usefull than PDFs. But I need a push, help me justify the $200+ buy-in so I can get all future books in Nexus instead.

Give me the secret sauce Badeye :smirk:


My main reason is my group loves D&D Beyond and this will make it easier to switch for them. If your group is already in PF2, it might help with character building as well, once that feature is available. I’d say buy the core rule book and take a look. If you like the functionality, you can always buy more. If it’s not for you and your group, then you only dropped the money for one book instead of everything.

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Good point @sourkraut !

Hello @bryson!

It’s so early right now that secret sauce is going to be hard for me to give, but once Pathfinder Nexus launches, I can say that it will provide all the high-quality tools you might be familiar with in another digital toolset for the world’s oldest roleplaying game, plus the added benefit of hindsight.

All of that excites me to no end, but we understand it’s tough to see that until the core features are released. Keep an eye out!

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Alright, @BadEye taking the time to answer me personally goes a long way :wink:

I’ll pre-order the rulebooks and keep my fingers crossed.

When it comes time to reveal the secret sauce keep me in mind :nerd_face: (and @sourkraut too)

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Noted - will do!

I think you have some dedicated followers who respect what you have done!