Dev Update - 2024 First Quarter Focus

From 1/9/2024 Dev Update

Title: 2024 Priorities

Latest Updates

Pathfinder NEXUS

  • (ICYMI) Character Tools Full Launch
  • (WIP) Performance Improvements
  • (WIP) Companions and Familiars


  • (WIP) Building Better Worlds, Chariot of the Gods
  • (WIP) Character Builder and Digital Sheet


  • (WIP) Homebrew
  • (Incoming) Microservice / Serverless / Parallelism
  • (Incoming) Image Delivery Optimization = >100x

Children of Éarte

  • Back tonight at 6pm PT

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Will equipment purchasing be addressed in the near future? It’s dismaying that in order to purchase equipment you have to add the equipment in the interface and THEN deduct the cost of the equipment separately - that should have been functional BEFORE the status flipped from “Beta” to “Live.”

(Really it should have been functional before it was in Beta status, and it’s disconcerting that I’m still complaining about it months after it should have been done).

We appreciate you sharing your thoughts on what should be prioritized where. We see many different opinions and it helps us triangulate how we tackle our backlog.

We didn’t prioritize purchasing equipment over the other things we’ve worked on to date because through the compiled feedback we’ve seen, the gist is the process of selecting the equipment you want and adjusting your currency isn’t too cumbersome, at least compared to some other things we’ve focused on before it.

Having said that, support for purchasing equipment with automatic currency adjustments is on our short list and should be released sometime soon.



Hey! first time poster, here! Would homebrew classes for 5e or 2e be available? other services I have tried, (not saying who) don’t offer entirely homebrew classes when I know people have been asking for it. I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement something like that, but I think it might be a great addition.

Yes, you will be able to homebrew classes. That might not be ready right as homebrew launches, but it’s definitely on our roadmap. :slight_smile:


I’m sold. I’m gonna migrate my characters as soon as 5e and homebrew are available.

Do you have an estimate on when the Hunter: the Reckoning character builder will be available? Sorry if this question has already been addressed.


We don’t publish a comprehensive public long-term roadmap with dates anywhere, as we use an agile development approach where priorities can change based on partner updates, community feedback, and data we collect on the platform.

We use that approach to ensure we’re always working on the most impactful things to the most people in our community, and we don’t want someone to see something on a roadmap page and set expectations that end up changing during that process.

That being said, character tools for Hunter are on the roadmap for later this year, but we don’t have anything more specific to share at this point.


I’m very excited for Hunter sheets. The Vampire sheets are absolutely incredible. I can’t wait for my group to have access to really good Hunter sheets as well!

Understandable. I’m just starting to play Hunter: The Reckoning; it’s my first World of Darkness game, and it seems excellent so far. Anyone know any good character builders until this one goes online?

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Is there a vague estimate when the 5e tools will be available? I’d like to give it a try with one of my game groups, and then - if successful - start migrating my two other groups over to this from a somewhat more restrictive platform.

We don’t typically answer questions about timeline, because software development can be an unpredictable process and our priorities will sometimes change based on shifting needs to resolve issues, develop new functionality, and our partners’ release timelines.

We expect to begin work on 5e character tools this year (hopefully the first half of this year), but it’s hard to predict at this point when they’ll be ready for release. :slight_smile: