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From 2/14/2023 Dev Update

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I have mixed feelings seeing a 5e Nexus. I put about $1000 into DnD beyond. I remember getting so excited and following the updates from BadEye each week as he explained a roadmap that included support for 3rd party content including custom classes starting back in 2017. We know where that is at. Now the $800 of content is on a platform that has largely stopped development and the same BadEye is doing the same thing again. I want to believe and see this succeed, but feel like a fool for even considering to support another 5e web platform. Please, show me how I am wrong about this.

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The big difference this time is who the agreement is with. It is a 5e nexus, after all, not a DnD one.

Back in 2017 the agreement was with D&DBeyond. It was owned by Curse and publicly presented by BadEye, Adam Bradford. Not Fandom, or Wizards. Here we are being pitched a similar thing, by the same person.

Owned by Curse, but they still had an agreement with WotC on how they were allowed to operate. The agreement this time is with the 3rd party publishers. At least that is my understanding of it so far. Having said that, we will have to wait for it to go up to find out the details of what is being offered and which publishers are involved.

I’ll chime in to say that anything I shared in that past life was shared earnestly with the buy-in from all involved parties at the time that I shared it.

An important callout in that scenario was that some parties changed their minds (definitely not me / DDB) after those declarations were made. They did a 180 degree turn, things became hostile, and when it became clear to me that due to that about-face third-party content wasn’t in the cards, it wasn’t long after that I left to continue to pursue the vision of more open gaming here at Demiplane. I value transparency and following through on commitments, so when I saw the “crawfishing” that happened (to use a cowboy term), it was not something I wanted to be a part of any longer.

Nothing I can say right now will matter too much, but time will tell. One key difference this time around is now that 5e is in Creative Commons, we have full latitude to include a variety of awesome third-party publishers without any of those former restraints that I ran into. We’re excited to go make it happen.



Thank you for your reply.

I am excited to see what is possible. I am not done with 5e but I will no longer buy any content from wizards. I am very happy with Paizo, the many wonderful 3rd party publishers, and some non-d20 systems.

I do look forward to what can be done and am excited to see the same 3pp support applied across all of nexus.

I also want to clarify, I do not mean this as an attack on you in any way. I have always valued your transparency. My comments were more voicing my frustration with buying on a promise that was revoked.

I have already purchased the PF2E core rule bundle and plan to purchase more. Keep up the great work, and please, don’t sell the company. Cheers.


If you don’t mind, I’d like to share my thoughts on this as well. I knew what I was paying for when I bought all of my books on dndbeyond. And, even though I deleted my account, I don’t really regret all the money I spent because the sheer amount of hours used related to money spent over the years was a lot. Compare that to something like cable or even video games, and the value is easy to see. This is true despite the fact that it was more than if I just used books.

When you left, you said all the right things, but I am old enough that I knew what was going on. And, as logos said, here you are doing the same thing. But, I don’t mean this in a bad way. I believe you are sincere in what you are doing; but, what it gets down to is how do we know that Disney (or whatever) won’t buy Demiplane out and turn it into something completely different – something that none of the existing users will like, but that they are sure will make them money with kids moms who see movies and such? Well, we don’t. And there is no way to honestly say we ever will. Would you turn down $1 billion? I know I would not, and I cannot fault you if that happens.

This is the same thing with any industry. My mortgage got sold this year (really irritating because they did not automatically switch the autopay, so we had to re-set that up.) Companies get bought and sold all the time.

So, is there some recourse? One thing I noticed that you are implementing – at least with PF2, not sure about the others – is the ability to get the pdf from Paizo, or discounts if stuff was bought through Paizo. This is a huge step in the right direction. And then I saw the ad (see above) that says pre-order the Hardcover + digital for the Vampire series and it occurred to me that this seems like the perfect solution. I usually watch the streams, but did not make it this time so forgive me if this was mentioned by you, but the discount is STEEP. The book all by itself is $55 (I don’t see anything on VTM website indicated that the pdf is included in this price, but am unsure).

I intend, now that I see the option, to buy all future products in that fashion. The OGL debacle has opened a curiosity and interest for me that was not there before, and I would love to have a collection of weird but fun TTRPG books on my shelf (Its good for interviews, first dates, etc.)

TLDR: To be clear, I in no way think that you deserted the fanbase by what happened in the past, and I would encourage others to have the same mindset. You saw the writing on the wall, and left to make a better version before it got worse.

Complete aside (hopefully you are still reading – sorry for the wall of text): I follow several TTRPG youtubers. As of me writing this, here is a break down of some of them about the 5e nexus announcement:

indestructoboy - 4.6k views
nerd immersion - 5.6k views
demiplane announcement - 2.8k views

That is a lot of eyeballs not seeing the announcement. Some of them seemed to have very little (if any) knowledge about what has been going on here, and were completely blindsided. If you haven’t already, I would encourage your staff to reach out to them.


Both Indestructoboy and Nerd Immersion asked Demiplane to contact them in their videos. It seems they were interested :grin:

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The announcement for the 5e NEXUS yesterday was intended to surprise - it’s a teaser of something that isn’t here yet, so we did not cast the net far and wide. We will do that once the product is ready to actually use.

That’s actually our status across the board at this point at Demiplane. We haven’t truly focused on spreading the word about what we’re doing yet, as that would be kind of like inviting a whole bunch of people over to your house before it’s done being built. Sure, some friends can come over during the construction and enjoy the new place (i.e. Early Access with the Digital Reader / Game Compendium), but you host the big party only after the construction is complete (Character Builder and Digital Sheet). Once we get there, that will be a big ol’ party indeed.

I’m not hard to find, and I’m happy to speak with them (or anyone that wants to chat). They can email to try to schedule something.


Any news on the 5e Nexus? Spring is ending soon, and as a (small-time) publisher, and doing work for bigger ones, I know targets can slip and project scopes expand. But I’d love to be in on the ground floor, or at least to be able to offer it for my own projects and for the publishers I work with.

Hello, and thanks for posting.

We have been working on 5e NEXUS and are getting close - if we don’t hit the end of spring it will be within a week or two of it.

To clarify what we’ll be launching with in Early Access since you specifically mention you’re a publisher that wants to leverage 5e NEXUS, this will be our initial slate of partnered publishers’ content available in our Digital Reader and Game Compendium, just as we have launched for Early Access with each other NEXUS.

We plan to add character tools later this year, and it will likely be a phase following that where we start to open things up for community / third-party creators. I just wanted to be sure you weren’t expecting that capability at the beginning with Early Access.

We are excited about the potential with the creator tools, and we’ll share more in all of our channels as we get closer to having those in place.



I figured as much on all fronts and am looking forward to seeing the Early Access, even if I can’t make use of our material quite yet. And, of course, if you want to have one more test subject that part of the teams behind award-winning customisation of 5e (BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, Ruins of Symbaroum, The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying, more), just let me know!

Thanks for your quick response, and I look forward to the release. :slight_smile:

Jacob Rodgers