Dev Update - 5e NEXUS Early Access Launch

From 9/5/2023 Dev Update

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Demiplane Membership

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    • Delayed from last week, but we expect this to release this week

Pathfinder NEXUS

  • (Live!) Sky King’s Tomb: Cult of the Cave Worm, PFS - Year of Unfettered Exploration
  • (Live!) War of Immortals Playtest - Animist and Exemplar Classes
  • (WIP) Core Remaster Updates

Avatar Legends NEXUS

  • (Incoming) Republic City

Vampire NEXUS

  • (WIP) Vampire Character Tools

Marvel NEXUS

  • (WIP) Character Tools Incoming

On the Éarte

  • Monthly Aftershow - Tonight at 6pm PT

Character Tools Roadmap

  • (Beta) Pathfinder, Avatar Legends
  • (WIP) Vampire, Marvel RPG
  • [REDACTED], 5e, ALIEN RPG, Hunter, Werewolf

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How will the character sheet handle not having access to the core books? Assuming WOTC won’t give you a license since it would be pretty stupid for them to enable you to become scary competition… and that they are already reacting to your presence by supporting 3rd party themselves… how will the character sheet on this side work when you ultimately want to add a non CC spell to your character?

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We have no plans to partner with WotC, so there will be no official support for Wizards content outside the creative commons, but we do expect there will be a few ways for folks to add options that aren’t available in our 5e NEXUS character builder.

Homebrew is something we’ve talked about already, and we expect that some people will homebrew in their favorite options and share their homebrew creations with other users. We also hope to eventually let you import characters from places like D&D Beyond, to use, edit, and add additional options that we support here on 5e NEXUS. :slight_smile:


Haha now that’s cheeky, Love it. :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that even if you did have plans down the road, they wouldn’t go for it. Then people like me could give up D&D Beyond for good.