Dev Update - ALIEN Books, Harrow Deck, and Dev Update Changes

From 2/6/2024 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Pathfinder NEXUS

  • (WIP) Additional Characters Performance Improvements
  • (SoonTM) Companions and Familiars
  • (Incoming) Harrow Deck Companion
    • Adam did a live demo of this on stream.


  • (WIP) Image Optimization Character Tools
  • (WIP) Homebrew, Individual Content Purchases


  • (LIVE!) Building Better Worlds, Chariot of the Gods
  • (WIP) Heart of Darkness
  • (WIP) Character Builder and Digital Sheet

On the Éarte

  • Tonight at 6pm PT, with guests Adam Bradford and Lauren Urban

Dev Updates

  • We are changing how we communicate meaningful information with the community, and this means that Dev Update streams on Tuesdays are transitioning to something else.
  • Dev Update YouTube videos will go out as we have relevant information to share in a more concise format and shared via social media.
  • Starting next week Adam will host weekly office hours to do giveaways and AMAs on Tuesday afternoons (tentatively 1pm Pacific, but we’ll confirm this in the coming days).
  • Release notes will go straight to the forums whenever we make updates.

Giveaway: We gave away a Pathfinder Rulebooks bundle and a copy of both of the ALIEN RPG releases: Building Better Worlds and Chariot of the Gods.



Will the AMAs take place on YouTube, or the on the forums, or…?

AMAs will take place in our discord server. We have a dedicated channel for them. demiplane

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