Dev Update - Avatar Legends Character Tools Beta and Gen Con

Latest Updates

  • Avatar Legends NEXUS
    (Live now!) An Urgent Request
    (Live now!) Character Tools Beta

  • Vampire / Hunter
    (Live now!) Vampire: Players Guide
    (Live now!) Hunter: Lines Drawn in Blood

  • Marvel NEXUS
    (Tomorrow!) Core Rulebook

  • Pathfinder NEXUS
    (Live Now!) Remaster Program
    (Live Now!) REMASTER23 Discount Code for 20% Off
    (This Week) Rage of Elements, Mantle of Gold, Sky King’s Tomb Player’s Guide, A Few Flowers More


  • Pathfinder NEXUS
    Character Tools Open Beta Features
    Pathfinder Remaster Project

  • Gen Con 2023 - The Avatar Room
    Check out the Character Tools!
    Meet the Demiplane Team!

  • Children of Éarte
    Campaign Episode Tonight

  • Special Announcement
    Thursday - GEN CON

Giveaway: We gave away four Avatar Legends Ultimate Bundles. Join us live in future weeks for a chance to win more cool things! (Tuesdays at 9am Pacific)