Dev Update - Avatar Legends Starter Set

From 2/28/2023 Dev Update

Latest Updates


  • (This Week) Re-Login Frequency Issue - Redux

Pathfinder NEXUS - Early Access

  • (Live) Gatewalkers #2, Treasure Vault
  • Character Tools Closed Alpha
    • (Today) Sidebar Drawer Updates
    • (WIP) Shield Mechanics, Spell Heightening, Mobile / Responsive Views

Vampire NEXUS & Avatar Legends NEXUS

  • (WIP) Character Tools - Architecture / Engines


  • (Today) Destroyer of Worlds

Character Tools Closed Alpha Update Notes (will be cross-posted to the Forums when live) - Incoming Later Today

  • Sidebar Drawer Updates:
    • No more bouncing back and forth - drawers will now stay in view as you scroll through a character’s details on widescreen monitors.
    • Each spell’s Spell Attack modifier and Saves are built up in their drawer, displaying each bonus (or penalty).
    • All Character Sheet Drawers and the Equipment Section now have empty states while loading content.
  • Characters are now limited to 3 Hero Points
  • Max Hit Points are no longer being overridden by hit points tied to the Character’s Class.

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Character Builder & Digital Sheet

  • Pathfinder Character Tools Closed Alpha
    • Road to Open Beta
      • Mobile / Tablet Views, New Book Coverage, Formulas, Currency, Homebrew, Companions, Familiars, Sharing - View/Copy, Homebrew - In-Sheet

5e NEXUS Early Access

Game Content:

  • Pathfinder
    • Lost Omens: Firebrands, Rage of Elements
  • Vampire
    • Heart of Darkness, Chariot of the Gods