Dev Update - Bundles of Joy

From 6/7/2022 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Currently in development:

  • Pathfinder NEXUS - Phase 2 of Early Access
    • Today: Content Bundles go live.
      • ULTIMATE, Rulebooks, Lost Omens, Standalone Adventures
      • (On-Deck) Adventure Paths, Abomination Vaults
    • (WIP) Character Engine
      • Visual Scripting > Ancestries > Classes. We’re seeing all of the pieces begin to come together.
  • Vampire NEXUS - Early Access
    • Corebook, Camarilla, Anarch, VtM Companion are all in the works to launch the Vampire NEXUS.


  • Pathfinder Nexus
    • Adventure Paths are the only outstanding thing before we are caught up.
    • Tertiary Game Elements (ie. Conditions, Hazards, Afflictions, and more) are targeted after the Character Builder is ready.
    • Character Management is currently in development.
  • On the Éarte - Tonight at 6pm with Sam de Leve and Jennifer Kretchmer!

Pathfinder NEXUS Bundles Deep Dive

The ULTIMATE Bundle offers a 25% discount on all products within it. Each other bundle includes a 15% discount.

List Prices:

ULTIMATE Bundle - $643.28 (without bundle = $857.70)

Rulebooks Bundle - $229.42 (without bundle = $269.91)

Lost Omens Bundle - $348.41 (without bundle = $409.89)

Standalone Adventures Bundle - $151.22 (without bundle = $177.90)

  • Previously-Purchased Content Credit
  • Example 1: Rulebooks Bundle
    • WITHOUT Paizo Connect = $229.42
    • After buying the Core Rulebook ($29.99) and the Advanced Player’s Guide ($29.99), you can unlock the Rulebooks Bundle for $169.44
    • $229.42 - $29.99 - $29.99 = =$169.44
  • Example 2: Rulebooks Bundle
    • WITH Paizo Connect on the Core Rulebook = $220.92
    • After buying the Core Rulebook ($19.99) and the Advanced Player’s Guide ($29.99), you can unlock the Rulebooks Bundle for $170.94
    • $220.92 - $19.99 - $29.99 = $170.94
  • Example 3: ULTIMATE Bundle
    • WITHOUT Paizo Connect = $643.28
    • After buying the Rulebooks Bundle ($229.42) and the Standalone Adventures Bundle ($151.22), you can unlock the ULTIMATE Bundle for $262.64
    • $643.28 - $229.42 - $151.22 = $262.64

Can you clarify - are the bundles live as of 6/7/22? The post above both says the bundles are in “Currently in Development” and says “Today: Content Bundles Go Live.” I can’t find them in the store.

It’s not live yet. It’s taking time for it to get activated.

Thank you!

Anyone brave enough to try it yet?

I can confirm that bundles are working as expected. We’ve seen several people pick them up. :slight_smile:

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Add another successful bundle purchased.
Fast, accurate, and synchronized everything with my Paizo account.
Mega Thanks to all who made this possible! … including you :+1:

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Regarding this part of your update…

I know the questions are tiresome, but do we have any sort of ballpark timeline for this?
I, like i’m sure many other people, see the character manager as the feature that will make everything worth it here. As books, rules and other things are accessible elsewhere; but no one has a good user friendly character manager.
Either way though, keep up the good work.

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Great questions! Now that bundles are out, we’re hoping to get the Adventure Paths moving here pretty quickly.

For the character management piece, while I can’t give a concrete timeline, I will say that we’re very pleased with how things are coming together. I hope we can share more progress with everyone soon!


Everything I have seen and bought so far is outstanding. I am waiting on the character builder before I jump in with both feet, two hands and the rest of my wallet. From what I have seen and used, your entire team should be proud of the work they have accomplished!

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Hey, I’m looking at purchases for pathfinder 2e, but bundle options are not showing. I can buy individual books, but bundle options are not showing. I purchased the rulebook bundle a few days ago so I know it was working then. Anything changed?


Yes, we have disabled bundles over the weekend while our team smooths out some rough edges. We expect them to be available again on Monday or Tuesday. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we want to make sure they are working up to our quality standards. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m interested in picking up the Ultimate Bundle, but it doesn’t seem to be taking into account that I own any of the Lost Omens or Standalone Adventures PDFs from Paizo - only the rulebooks are given a pre-existing discount.

Hey, if you could fill out a support ticket, someone from our team can work with you directly to make sure we figure that out. :slight_smile:

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I noticed that the Ulimate Bundle currently includes the Blood Lords bundle preorder - as I’m a Paizo AP subscriber, is there a way to get the Paizo Connect discount on those included in the Ultimate Bundle price? Currently they’re included for preorder at full price (aside from the first adventure in the AP, which is now released) so it doesn’t make any sense for me to buy the bundle.

I believe Adam discussed this on a more recent Dev Update. The Paizo Connect discount works by connecting to your Paizo account and telling us which titles you own. When those books haven’t been released yet in their store, the API doesn’t recognize it as being something you own because it doesn’t show up in your library (since it hasn’t released yet).

We’ve discussed this with them and hope to find a solution eventually.

This gives two options, since the Ultimate Bundle is an all or nothing deal. Either 1) You can wait until those later installments are released and appear in your Paizo Connect account. This will let the API register them as owned and you can take advantage of the Ultimate Bundle discount at that time, or 2) You can purchase the Ultimate Bundle with the Paizo Connect discount for most of the listed titles (excluding the few Blood Lords titles), and then going forward you can grab every future title as they hit your Paizo Connect account and take advantage of both discounts since the Ultimate Bundle discount will already be secured.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I bought the Ultimate before the Adventure Paths were added and now buy title by title as they release and both discounts seem to be recognized in that case. Just the buy all Ultimate button is not working as discribed above. Maybe you should consider to leave a week or couple of weeks before adding all the newly teasered contend to pre orders to let subscribers catch up between adventure paths.
But once the ultimate is bought it doesn’t cause any further problems at the moment and all discount work for released titles.