Dev Update - Character Manager Testing Roadmap and Q&A

From 10/4/2022 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Demiplane Membership and Content Sharing

  • [56] - ‘Sharing with Me’ and Purchase FLow Updates


  • (WIP) Colonial Marines, Destroyer of Worlds

Pathfinder NEXUS Early Access

  • (WIP - 10/26) Kingmaker Anniversary Edition
  • WIP: Character Builder & Digital Sheet

Vampire NEXUS - Early Access

  • (WIP) Sabbat: The Black Hand, Second Inquisition
  • (WIP) Month of Darkness News & Preview


Character Builder & Digital Sheet

  • Release Approach: Closed Alpha > Open Beta / Early Access > Full Release
    • Pathfinder Closed Alpha - Details SoonTM

Game Content

  • Pathfinder
    • Agents of Edgewatch, Lost Omens: Impossible Lands, Lost Omens: Firebrands, Rage of Elements
  • Vampire
    • Auld Sanguine, Children of the Blood, Let the Streets Run Red, The Chicago Folios
    • Heart of Darkness

On the Éarte Tonight with Adam as guest!

Expiration Race Episode 2 tomorrow.


Absolutely on the edge of my seat week to week to see the character tool for Pathfinder become accessible, even in a beta form. So damn excited !


I’m the exact same! As soon as the beta (or closed alpha if I can find a way to get in!) drops, I hope to show it with all my players. Can’t wait!


Ah, the tease!

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I too am curious if I can snag the alpha or if that’s even possible. This is part of the last step to converting my group to 2e and leave D&D behind completely.

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We expect to invite Members to the alpha test, as a token of our appreciation for their early support. Anyone who has purchased books on Pathfinder NEXUS will have an opportunity to be involved, but we’ll have more specifics in the coming weeks. :slight_smile:


I literally just stood up and danced a little jig. This is exemplary news and I’m completely stoked.


that’s my dream, good luck!

Awesome news, looking forward to it!

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Really looking forward to seeing the Character Creation stuff roll out. Reaching an end to this chapter of my VTM campaign would be great to do next chapters character gen using the new tools alongside the content sharing.

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That’s a Ten Four

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