Dev Update - Early Access and Content Updates

From 7/5/2022 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Currently in development:

  • Pathfinder NEXUS - Phase 2 of Early Access
    • Live: Content Release
      • Outlaws of Alkenstar Adventure Path
    • On Deck: Dark Archive, AP Catchup
    • (WIP) Character Engine
      • Selection - Ancestries, Feats - First Views of the UI Coming Together
  • Vampire NEXUS - Early Access
    • Live: Digital Reader and Compendium
      • Thank you for your early feedback! It really helps us fine-tune these tools!
    • Live: Content
      • Corebook, Camarilla, Anarch, Companion


  • Pathfinder NEXUS
    • Dark Archive, Adventure Paths
  • Character Management is currently in development (may see previews in the coming weeks)
    • Data and Engine Building
  • Vampire NEXUS Early Access
    • Chicago by Night and Cults of the Blood Gods are the next releases.
  • Free League Update - We have a secret NEXUS in the works that will lead to more updates on this soon!
  • The Claw Firm Update - Moving to a fully remote recording in order to prioritize COVID safety for our cast.
  • Children of √Čarte - Tonight at 6pm!