Dev Update - Incoming ALIEN Books and Pathfinder Character Tools Updates

From 1/23/2024 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Pathfinder NEXUS

  • (WIP) Additional Characters Performance Improvements
  • (WIP) Companions and Familiars


  • (LIVE) Microservice / Serverless, Image Optimization Reader / Compendium
  • (WIP) Image Optimization Character Tools
  • (WIP) Homebrew, Individual Content Purchases


  • (Incoming) Building Better Worlds, Chariot of the Gods
  • (WIP) Heart of Darkness
  • (WIP) Character Builder and Digital Sheet

Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools Release Notes

    • Untrained Improvisation Feat now properly adds skill bonuses.
    • Resolved an issue in which selecting the Hellknight Archetype was not bumping Intimidation training to Expert if the character was already trained in Intimidation. Go forth and be scary!
    • The Farmhand Background no longer prompts a choice for the Assurance Feat, and instead correctly adds the feat only for Athletics.
    • The Syncretism Cleric Feat now properly applies its effects to Cloistered Clerics.
    • The Anadi and Kitsune Change Shape actions now show up in the list of Actions in the Skills & Actions tab.
    • To ensure proper survival in the mountains, the Deep Orc Heritage now specifically grants the Terrain Expertise Skill Feat for Underground Terrain, and adds the Combat Climber Feat.
    • Players can now remove Containers from their character sheets. No more (unintentionally) cursed backpacks!
    • Resolved an issue that resulted in incorrect Bulk calculations. No one wants to do complex fractional math to figure out their bulk. Or do you? Let us know!
    • The Thief Rogue Racket now adds a character’s Dexterity modifier to weapon damage instead of their Strength modifier. Goodbye gym, hello yoga studio!
    • Gourd Leshys now get their own storage container to represent their innate storage. What do you keep in your gourd?
    • Resolved an issue in which Level 11 Sorcerers were not getting their Skill training added to the Sheet.
    • Fey Eidolons now have access to both the Primal Spell list and Enchantment and Illusion spells from the Arcane Spell list. Feytastic!
    • Advanced Runes can now be applied to armor
    • The Lingering Composition Focus Class Feat properly lingers on by composing more Focus Points on your character sheet.
    • Incredibly, the Incredible Initiative Feat was not adding +2 to all Initiative Rolls. We took the initiative and added it. Incredible.

Children of Éarte

  • Back tonight at 6pm PT

No Dev Update Next Week - Adam will be traveling

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I know what you’re gonna say… I already know the answer… but…
Any Vampire news? :sweat_smile: Specifically on the new books?

Nothing to share at this time, but we are continuing to work with our friends from the World of Darkness team to make progress on that front. When we have news to share, we will. :slight_smile: