Dev Update - Marvel Rules Update and Game Engine Glimpse

From 7/12/2022 Dev Update

Latest Updates

Currently in development:

  • Marvel Multiverse RPG NEXUS
    • Live: Rules Update 1.1
      • New Characters, Fight Equals Might, Damage Calculations, and More!
  • Pathfinder NEXUS Early Access
    • WIP: Content
      • Dark Archive, Blood Lords
    • WIP: Character Engine
      • Feat Prerequisites, UI Flow Tweaks
  • Vampire NEXUS - Early Access
    • WIP: Content
      • Chicago by Night, Cults of the Blood Gods

Under the Hood: Game Engine Preview

Adam shared two screenshots of the game engine, to demonstrate what the team has been working on.

Idle Champions Presents: The Black Pits

Several Heroes of the Planes characters will be appearing in the new Idle Champions series taking place July 13-15 at 9am Pacific Time. This event will include new skin and feat packs, such as Gladiator Briv.


Character Builder & Digital Sheet

  • Pathfinder
    • Pilot > Build Phase
  • Vampire
    • Design Phase

Game Content

  • Pathfinder
    • AP Catch Up
    • We have a long term goal to include Bounties and PFS Scenarios
  • Vampire
    • Current Releases Catch Up
  • [REDACTED] NEXUS Early Access
    • We are currently spinning up a new Nexus, and we cannot wait to share more about it soon™!
  • Children of Éarte - Tonight at 6pm!
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